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Aimy No Generator removes the meta tag "generator" in the source code of your website.

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<meta name="generator" content="Joomla! - Open Source Content Management" />

The system plugin helps to improve the security of your website: The information on the CMS in use along with its version may be used to exploit known security vulnerabilities. Removing the generator tag makes it harder for unskilled attackers to gather the information needed to launch an attack.

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User Manual



Aimy No Generator is a Joomla! system plugin that allows you to ban the generator meta information from your website.

The generator information is included in the head of your website's HTML code and looks like this:

<meta name="generator" content="Joomla! - Open Source Content Management" />

or even like this:

<meta name="generator" content="Joomla! - Open Source Content Management - Version 3.4.8" />

This information may be used by criminals to easily identify which version of Joomla! your website is running and attack it using any security vulnerabilities known for this version. Therefore, banning the generator information increases the security of your website, making it harder for unskilled attackers ("script kiddies") to gather the information needed to launch a successful attack.

This manual guides you through all steps necessary to install and use the plugin.


The installation of the extension follows the common Joomla! procedures.

In case you are not familiar with these procedures, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the extension's ZIP archive
  2. Log into your Joomla! backend as "Super User"
  3. From the menu, choose "Extensions" → "Extensions Manager"
  4. Click on the "Browse" button and select the ZIP archive
  5. Click on the "Upload & Install" button

The extension's archive will be uploaded and installed afterwards.

For further information, please have a look at the Joomla! documentation "Installing an Extension".

NOTE: All plugins are disabled by Joomla! when installed for the first time. To enable Aimy No Generator, proceed and configure the plugin.


After a fresh installation, click on the "Configure plugin now" button on the installation report page.

At any time, you can configure the Aimy No Generator plugin using Joomla!'s Plugin Manager by choosing "Extensions" → "Plugin Manager" from the menu. Locate the plugin and click on its name in the "Plugin Name" column of the plugin listing.

Enabling the Plugin

In order to use the plugin's functionality, you have to enable it first.

To do so, change the plugin's status from "Disabled" to "Enabled" and apply your changes by clicking on either the "Save" or "Save & Close" button in the toolbar.

As long as the plugin is enabled, the meta generator information will not be included in your HTML code anymore. Congratulations, your website now gained an additional bit of security!

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