Aimy Extensions

Aimy Speed Optimization PRO helps to speed up your Joomla! website with just a few clicks.

It optimizes CSS & JavaScript, HTML code , image loading and allows to enable both browser caching and compression.

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Aimy Speed Optimization uses a lot of common methods to speed up your website. If you do not have a technical backround, just use the default settings. Otherwise feel free to tune your website with the following features:

  • Eliminate render blocking
    • embed and minify CSS
    • queue JavaScript asynchronously
  • Minify HTML
  • Optimize image loading with
    • deferred loading or
    • lazy loading
  • Set width and height attributes of images automatically
  • Set up browser caching and compression via Apache's .htaccess file directly from Joomla!'s backend

The plugin is very easy to set up. You will receive updates on new releases (per domain(s) for one year - 15 months on renewal).

Aimy Speed Optimization for Joomla!
(Incl. 19% tax)
* Unlimited installs - updates for number of domains:

Boost your Page Speed

With this Joomla! plugin you can increase your page speed easily. Say goodbye to render blocking pages! A page's speed is one of the many criteria that you should think of in your search engine optimization (SEO).

The performance results depend on your individual setup. But have a look at our Case Study on Page Speed to see which results are possible. The case study is tested with Google's online tool PageSpeed Insights and increased performance by up to 36 points (mobile speed) and up to 27 (desktop speed) on a few real-life websites.

Aimy Speed Optimization allows to optimize image loading with deferred or lazy loading. Both methods speed up the rendering of your Joomla! website. Additional options allow individual fine tuning.

Aimy Speed Optimization implements a lot of suggestions made by Google's PageSpeed Insights online tool you will find in the following feature list. For detailed information on the technology, please have a look at the documentation.


  • config-1-render-blocking
  • config-2-lazy-loading
  • config-3-caching-compression
  • page-speed-results