Aimy Extensions
Aimy H1 Heading

Aimy H1 Heading allows you to easily repair any missing H1 headings of your Joomla! website. If it cannot find any H1 on a page it picks the first H2 and turns it into an H1 and therefore improves your SEO.

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Furthermore the plugin includes a blacklist that allows you to control in which contexts the content should not be repaired.


  • If you are not sure which context a page has, let the plugin show it to you. That makes managing the blacklist much more easy.
  • If you have more than one H1 heading on a page, it warns you by writing the headings in huge red letters.
  • automatic updates on new releases

Download Joomla!-Plugin


  •  Default configuration options
  •  Context in the Joomla! front end