Aimy Extensions

Aimy Extensions (Netzum Sorglos Software GmbH) takes protection of privacy seriously and raises only personal data that is considered indispensable for technical processes or business relations.

Which Data is Raised Why and How is it Processed?

Access Record

As is customary, data is logged in a file by the web server when visiting this website. In detail, the following information is logged:

  • IP address
  • request time and date
  • requested document
  • referring URL
  • browser identification
  • ...and some additional technical information

We evaluate this data anonymized only. The information gathered is used to generate statistics about our website. The statistic does not include personal data. The information named above are evaluated separately. Therefore a specific visit is not connected to an IP address that sent the request. The statistic is used to enhance our website and is only used internally - no third party will be able to access this information.

The access record is access controlled, deleted regularly after a maximum of fourteen days and not archived.

To protect your privacy we make no use of tracking tools, do not create user profiles and do not aggregate raised data ("data mining").

Form Data

Input that you provided in one of our forms is delivered to the designated department automatically to handle your request as fast as possible. Such input is viewed as business correspondence if the form is used to contact us or related to an order.

Beyond that, such data can be saved to contact you at a later time or to enhance our internet presence.

All forms provided on this website are secured using SSL technology (HTTPS). Any personal data you enter in a contact form or during a checkout in our shop will therefore be transmitted encrypted only.

The raised data will be handled confidentially and is internally protected by access control so only dedicated departments may access the data. Once received, all data is only transferred encrypted as well.

Error Log

No software is free of bugs or defects. If an error occurs while processing a request, relevant information is logged to give us the opportunity to enhance our service and give us the opportunity to find and fix the very issue. Information gathered this way is deleted regularly by our webmaster and/or webdeveloper as soon as its evaluation has been completed. Your transferred data may be forwarded to the sales department, so we can contact you.

The raised data will be handled confidentially, transmitted encrypted only and is internally protected by access control so only dedicated departments may access the data.

Information About You

All personal data and form input is protected from unauthorized access is only transferred encrypted. Furthermore no information is passed to any third party - unless required by law or necessary to fulfill your request, e.g. dispatch a letter by post.

In general, all data is deleted if it is no longer needed.

By request we provide a copy of all your data and delete it if asked for - provided that we are allowed to by law.


This website uses session cookies as a technical requirement of the underlying content management system only. These cookies stored by your browser contain no personal data and are not used for any tracking purposes, but are required for some features (i.e. contact form, shop) to work as expected and improve your browsing experience on our website.

Session cookies are designed to have a short lifetime and are deleted automatically by your webbrowser when your browsing session ends, that is, when you quit your webbrowser program.

We do not use cookies from any third party.

Updated Versions of This Privacy Statement

From time to time an update of our privacy statement may be necessary - for example due to new features of our website. We will inform you about updates right here.

Last updated: October 19, 2017