Aimy Extensions
To enhance our website (and the websites of our customers) we needed a powerful tool for generating sitemaps. After a short review of the Aimy Sitemap extension we immediately decided to buy the PRO version. The PRO version comes with additional features such as a schedular, exactly what we needed. It's easy to set up the extension, in just a few minutes it's up and running. We consider this extension a 'must have' for any Joomla! website. Highly recommended!

For one of my webshops I was looking for a good extension which could generate XML- and HTML-sitemaps in Joomla! After trying different extensions I stumbled on the Aimy Sitemap extension. This extension is very easy to install and configure and does exactly what you expect. With a few clicks I generated a XML-sitemap (with lots of options), notified it to different search engines and assigned a HTML-sitemap to a menu. I have bought the PRO-version so the sitemap can be updated automatically on a set interval. I'm very satisfied with this extension and it is well worth the money. It can't be much easier then this!

I am a trainee for a media- and advertisment agency in hanover and we work every day with different content management systems. The most of them have the ability to create a sitemap without any coding knowledge and doing their job great. If the function is not given from scratch, you can install it via plugins. But I missed the function to create a sitemap for joomla websites until I found the Aimy Sitemap extension. This extension offers some features which I missed in another extensions for other cms. The Extension is easy to install and use. Love it.

Jason Bladt,
On my website I am using Aimy Sitemap. This component works perfectly, I am satisfied. Its usage could not be easier and the support is very very good. Due to an unusual setup of my webserver, the component did not work right away. So I contacted Aimy Extensions' Support Team. They responded very fast and fixed the problem within a few hours and it works flawlessly since.

Philipp Ubeländer,

After my website grew more and more in size, the shared hosting capacity seemed to reach its limit because loading content took very long. Now I use Aimy Speed Optimization PRO which has an impressive effect on page speeds! The setup was really easy due to a good documentation and a helpful and competent support. Now content loads immediately again, also the score in Google PageSpeed Insights increased a lot. Must-have tool because it fights one of the most important issues: No matter how great a website is designed, no user is happy if it is slow.

Jens Neureither,