In order to make it easy for our users to choose the right version of our extensions for the Joomla! version they are using, we initially decided to prefix our extensions' versions with the major version of Joomla! they are compatible with.

For example, “Aimy Sitemap 3.21.0” is the 21st major release of Aimy Sitemap, being compatible with Joomla! 3.x.

That approach based on the assumption, we would need to create a new branch for each of our extensions once Joomla! 4 would be released (like many other extension developers did when Joomla! 3 was introduced). After doing many tests on Joomla! 4’s alpha releases, we believe no branching of our extensions will be necessary.

We will therefore remove the “3.” prefix for all new major releases of our extensions.

Thanks to the Joomla! developers for maintaining backward compatibility!