Aimy Extensions

All our Joomla! extensions are ready for Joomla! 5 (except for GeoTax for J2Store). Please note:

  • It is important to update our extensions before updating Joomla! itself.
  • The B/C Plugin ("Behaviour - Backward Compatibility") must be enabled.

What does "Joomla! 5 (B/C Plugin)" mean?

In the Joomla! extensions directory you will find compatibility for Joomla! 5 and Joomla 5 (B/C Plugin). What does that mean?

Badge for J5 with BC Plugin

The B/C plugin is already installed and activated in your Joomla! 5 installation. It enables "backward compatibilty" for code that was already used in Joomla! 3 and 4. Without the plugin, legacy methods are no longer available and plugins that use them do no longer work.

BC Plugin Options

Newly written or reworked extensions can have native Joomla! 5 compatibility. In most cases where you find an extension that is ready for multiple Joomla! versions, the B/C plugin will be needed.

Please be sure to use the latest versions of our extensions. Joomla! 5 support has been added to our extensions since the following versions:

Joomla Extension Aimy... Version
Sitemap 32.4
Speed Optimization 19.6
Canonical 27.0
IndexNow 4.1
Video Embedder 17.2
Responsive Iframes 6.1
Captcha-Less Form Guard 13.1
H1 Heading 5.3

If you have any issues with our extensions while updating to Joomla! 5 feel free to contact us!

Why do our extensions need the backward compatibility plugin?

Short answer: because we don't want to drop support for Joomla! 3 right now as it is still used on thousands of websites.