Aimy Canonical v18.0 allows to set custom canonical paths (PRO feature).

Custom Canonical Paths (PRO feature)

Aimy Canonical PRO now features Custom Canonical Paths!

<link href="" rel="canonical" />

Using this powerful new feature you can assign a custom canonical path to your content, which will be used regardless which URL has been used to access it. You can therefore take duplicate content prevention one step further on your website!

Custom Canonical Path Teaser

In version 18.0 of Aimy Canonical PRO the following elements are supported:

  • Joomla! articles
  • Joomla! categories
  • Joomla! tags
  • Joomla! menu items

If you need additional support for a third party extension, feel free to contact us.

Handling Pagination (PRO feature)

Previously the handling of query strings could be set by the option "Remove Query String" only, which removes any query string from a canonical URL if enabled. Now you have the option to make an exception for pagination in the PRO version of Aimy Canonical ("Add Pagination Parameters"), so parameters related to pagination (i.e. "start=5") will be added to the canonical URL of a page if required.