Aimy Canonical v3.8.0 has a new translation for Brazilian Portuguese and fixes the SEF URL path in canonical URLs on broken links.

Portuguese Translation

Aimy Canonical learned Brazilian Portuguese! Thanks to Gilvanilson Santos for his contribution!

Workaround for broken SEF URLs (PRO Version)

If an article (com_content) is not directly referenced by a menu entry there may be problems with the SEF URL's path that is generated by Joomla!:
In case the browser's URL is misspelled - for example via a link - the page in the frontend is shown without an error. But the generated SEF URL's path in the source code is not correct and will, if followed, result in a 404 error.

As of version 3.8.0, Aimy Canoncial implements a workaround to fix these broken SEF URLs which need special handling in order to work as expected.