Aimy Sitemap's version 25.0 has a lot of new features to increase usability, for example a progress bar is shown during a crawl and edit links to broken link sources are shown (PRO features).

Users of the PRO version benefit from a progress bar during the crawl and may edit content containing broken links using edit links from the link checker's view. A check on the XML sitemap is now done before notifying search engines. Besides that the crawl view has been optimized. Newly integrated in the PRO version is a validator for the robots.txt file.

Progress Bar (PRO Feature)

On larger websites, a crawl may take a while. If you know how many links are still in the queue for crawling you can use your time more effective and turn to something else while the crawl is running. That's why a progress bar has been integrated in the new version.

Progress bar for the sitemap crawler

Edit Content from Link Check View (PRO Feature)

Aimy Sitemap detects broken links during a crawl. In the PRO version you can have a look at a report afterwards and see broken links and where they have been found.

With version 25 Aimy Sitemap tries to locate the broken links within your page's content and provides edit links for that resources (for example an article, category description or module).

Edit resources with broken links

Check for XML Sitemap

Before ping notifications are sent to search engines, a check is done to see whether an XML sitemap is present.

Warning iff XML-Sitemap is missing

Validate robots.txt (PRO Feature)

As a new feature the robots.txt editor now allows to validate your website's robots.txt file to see whether it is syntactically correct.

New Features

We already realized quite a few features proposed by our users. So if you use Aimy Sitemap and miss a function feel free to contact us. If we like your proposal, we may add the feature to one of the upcoming versions of Aimy Sitemap!