Aimy Extensions

Aimy Sitemap v32.3 improves error handling on Joomla! 4.

Aimy Sitemap v32.2 improves handling of cookies during a crawl (Joomla! 4).

Aimy Sitemap v32.1 comes with improved PHP 8.2 support and minor style fixes.

Aimy Sitemap v32.0 comes with a Romanian translation.

Aimy Sitemap v31.1 comes with an updated Czech translation and improves checking for Aimy IndexNow PRO.

Aimy Sitemap v31.0 includes support for the new IndexNow protocol (using Aimy IndexNow PRO) and contains a workaround for partial SEF URL issues on Joomla! 4.

Aimy Sitemap v30.1 comes with a workaround for Bing notifications and some performance optimizations.

Aimy Sitemap v30.0 improves redirect reporting in link check data (PRO Feature) and is ready for Joomla! 4.

Aimy Sitemap v29.0 supports HTTP Authentication during a crawl (PRO Feature).

Aimy Sitemap v28.1 supports PHP 8 and comes with updated translations.

Aimy Sitemap v28.0 allows to resume aborted crawls.

Aimy Sitemap v27.3 fixes a bug in the periodic crawling script.

Aimy Sitemap v27.2 provides a few bugfixes and updated Czech translations.

Aimy Sitemap v27.1 adds a workaround for crawling ContentBuilder list views and improves language dependent sorting of HTML sitemap items (according to the active frontend language) on Joomla! 3.5 (and up) based websites.

Aimy Sitemap v27.0 supports Bootstrap 3/4 in HTML sitemaps, automatically splits very large XML sitemaps, features a new icon theme and a new translation (to Dari).

Aimy Sitemap v26.0 introduces (limited) support for HTTPS-only websites in the free of charge version and allows to exclude certain document types from HTML sitemaps (PRO feature).

Aimy Sitemap's version 25.0 has a lot of new features to increase usability, for example a progress bar is shown during a crawl and edit links to broken link sources are shown (PRO features).

Aimy Sitemap v24.0 features an Italian translation and allows XML sitemap validation using XML Schema.

Aimy Sitemap v23.0 extends the options for your XML sitemap: Configure whether change frequency and last change data is included (PRO feature). Besides that, a new HTML sitemap variant has been added which sorts entries by their priority.

Aimy Sitemap v22.0 now uses our new versioning scheme, introduces support for Joomla! 4 and allows to generate an additional compressed XML sitemap (PRO).

Aimy Sitemap v3.21.0 introduces a Slovenian translation and includes a minor improvement of the periodic crawling script.

Changes in Aimy Sitemap from version 3.20.2 to 3.20.6 are minor code optimizations and bug fixes.

Aimy Sitemap v3.20.1 brings you support for Joomla! v3.7 and includes some minor fixes.

Aimy Sitemap v3.20.0 comes with a Czech translation and features checking Canonical links during a crawl.

Aimy Sitemap v3.19.0 PRO features an improved link check with detailed reporting.

Aimy Sitemap v3.18.0 comes with a lot of new features and improvements: dashboard, browser notifications, Yandex notification support, omnipresent quicklinks, wildcard extension support for robots.txt and crawling protocol selection.

Aimy Sitemap v3.17.0 allows to disguise as a browser while crawling in the PRO version and adds a workaround for forced GZIP compression.

Aimy Sitemap v3.16.0 comes with a Russian translation and improves periodic crawling support in the extension’s PRO version.

Aimy Sitemap v3.15.0 comes with improved support for languages based on non-Latin alphabets like Cyrillic, Arabic or Greek.

The PRO version of Aimy Sitemap v3.14.0 features a new hierarchy view for HTML sitemaps.

Aimy Sitemap 3.13.0 features a workaround for misconfigured webservers as well as a new translation to Portguguese.

Aimy Sitemap comes with a new French translation, several minor improvements and a bugfix for long UTF-8 URLs.

Aimy Sitemap has been translated to Dutch, comes along with improved title handling and PostgreSQL support (PRO).

Aimy Sitemap now contains a new translation to Spanish, improves the handling of missing Last-Modified information and in the PRO version features automatic periodic crawls.

Aimy Sitemap PRO supports crawling your website automatically. However, to execute this task periodically, a system service like cron on Unix or Task Scheduler on Microsoft Windows is required.

This step-by-step howto shows you how to set up a new task using Microsoft's Task Scheduler to periodically crawl your website.

Aimy Sitemap uses an update server, additional translations and archieved performance improvements. A PRO version is available as well now, which adds automatic canonical domain and protocol handling, HTTPS-only crawling, language extraction, language specific HTML sitemaps, title editing support and meta data locking.

Starting from version 3.9.0, Aimy Sitemap PRO interacts with Aimy Canonical, a free Joomla! plugin of ours that allows you to set the preferred domain name and protocol (http/https) for your website.

What's new in version 3.8.0? "Manage URLs" now allows fast and easy quick editing, offers search and filter functionality for your URLs, custom selection of the number of shown index items and the possibility to reset the index of your website generated by Aimy Sitemap's crawler. Besides that, URLs can now be merged by title in the HTML views - this way, each title can be guaranteed to be present only once, even if Joomla! provides multiple URLs for the resource.

This new release provides a workaround for possible connectivity issues while crawling, improved robots.txt handling, fixes for user reported bugs and some minor memory and runtime optimizations.

All users of Aimy Sitemap are encouraged to update to the new version!

Aimy Sitemap v3.7.1 is out! This release primarily improves support for "broken links" and adds a workaround required to crawl HikaShop based webshops.

All users of Aimy Sitemap are encouraged to update to the new version.

Aimy Sitemap 3.7.0 is out and available to the Joomla! community!

So, what's new in this release?

Short answer: we have rewritten the crawler to support even large websites and improved its user interface as well.

All users of Aimy Sitemap are encouraged to update to the new version.

Aimy Sitemap v3.6.2 offers PHP 5.3.10 support, improves the handling and reporting of incorrectly encoded URLs and fixes most issues reported by the community so far.

All users of Aimy Sitemap are encouraged to update to the new version.

Aimy Sitemap v3.6.1 now fully supports multilingual Joomla! websites, provides improved feedback in the backend and contains fixes for all bugs reported by the community so far.

All users of Aimy Sitemap are encouraged to update to the new version.

As a side note, Aimy Sitemap has been Joomla! 3.4 ready since v3.6.0, so you can use it on Joomla!'s latest release, too.

The new version of the Aimy Sitemap Joomla! component comes with three new features and improves the support for websites that do not use Joomla!'s SEF features.