Aimy Sitemap v30.0 improves redirect reporting in link check data (PRO Feature) and is ready for Joomla! 4.

Improved Redirect Reporting in Link Check Data (PRO Feature)

If an HTTP 404 error occurs after (multiple) redirects, Aimy Sitemap PRO now allows to see the whole chain of redirects in the link check data of the URL. This way, the source of the wrong link can be spotted and fixed easily.

NOTE: This feature forced us to do changes to the data structures used for the link check internally. As a result, the link check data of a website is reset once upon installation. So please recrawl your website once to make use of the improved reporting!

Joomla! 4 Ready

We tested Aimy Sitemap on Joomla! 4 RC6 and did all necessary changes to the extension’s code to make it work as expected. Besides that, the style has been update to match the one of the default backend template of Joomla! more closely.