Aimy Sitemap v3.6.1 now fully supports multilingual Joomla! websites, provides improved feedback in the backend and contains fixes for all bugs reported by the community so far.

All users of Aimy Sitemap are encouraged to update to the new version.

As a side note, Aimy Sitemap has been Joomla! 3.4 ready since v3.6.0, so you can use it on Joomla!'s latest release, too.

Multilanguage Support

Aimy Sitemap now crawls multilingual Joomla! websites correctly. Both settings of "Remove URL Language Code" in Joomla!'s Language Filter plugin are supported.

Besides that, multilingual site names are now removed from the page titles as well.

Minor Improvements

Notifcation messages have been added to Aimy Sitemap's backend to inform the user if the website to be crawled is currently in offline mode or may be accessible encrypted using https only.

Aimy Sitemap's robots.txt parser now accepts the non-standard directives Sitemap, Crawl-delay and Host. However, these are currently not evaluated.

The default exclude patterns for Aimy Sitemap's crawler have been extended to contain */component/* and */media/system/* as well.

Some error messages have been updated to be more verbose and contain more useful information.


Aimy Sitemap's crawler did not handle an exception thrown by the robots.txt parser correctly. As a result, an invalid robots.txt file could make the crawling process fail silently as a whole ("No updates found"). This bug has been fixed. Additionally, an invalid robots.txt file is now reported.

Thanks to all users who reported issues and requested features!

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