Aimy Sitemap v3.6.2 offers PHP 5.3.10 support, improves the handling and reporting of incorrectly encoded URLs and fixes most issues reported by the community so far.

All users of Aimy Sitemap are encouraged to update to the new version.

PHP 5.3.10 Support

Joomla! 3 requires your setup to at least provide PHP 5.3.10. Up to this version, Aimy Sitemap did require PHP 5.4.0, because we did use some of the new features of PHP 5.4 (i.e. the handy short array syntax).

To get Aimy Sitemap's requirements in sync with Joomla! 3's, we finally decided to implement backwards compatibility. Enjoy!

Incorrectly Encoded URLs

Both HTML and XML require some characters to be handled specially, because they are reserved for specific tasks. These characters, for example the ampersand and the less-than sign, have to be replaced with character entities. The ampersand, commonly used in URLs, has to be written as "&", not as "&" in HTML.

The new version of Aimy Sitemap introduces some checks that assure that incorrectly encoded URLs are detected and handled properly. Besides that, a new icon has been added to the "Manage URLs" view:

Warning on incorrectly encoded URLs

Improved Multilanguage Support

The stripping of multilingual titles has been improved to not use a heuristic, but to read the actual defined multilingual site names from Joomla!'s "languages" database table.


Aimy Sitemap checks the PHP version used upon installation and aborts whenever an unsupported version is detected. However, under some conditions it has been possible to circumvent this check. This flaw has been fixed.

Unicode characters are now correctly encoded in XML sitemap files independently of the setting of "Unicode Aliases" in the "Global Configuration".

Thanks to all users who reported issues and contributed their ideas to further improve Aimy Sitemap!

What's Next?

A new feature release of Aimy Sitemap will be out soon. This one will focus on improving support for large websites and introduces a new crawler implementation and a user interface in the backend. Stay tuned!

Read more about the previous release: Aimy Sitemap v3.6.1.