Aimy Sitemap v3.7.1 is out! This release primarily improves support for "broken links" and adds a workaround required to crawl HikaShop based webshops.

All users of Aimy Sitemap are encouraged to update to the new version.

"Broken Links"

Aimy Sitemap's crawler did require links to be properly encoded. With this release, some types of broken links are automatically fixed (i.e. "%20" instead of " ").

HikaShop Support

Under some conditions Aimy Sitemap's crawler did receive status code 500 errors while crawling some HikaShop pages. A workaround has been added.

Besides that, the default exclude patterns have been extended to contain "*/checkout/*" to exclude common shopping cart links from your sitemap.

Relation: Nofollow

How to forbid a crawler to follow a link? There's more then one way to do it! You can either add its URL to your robots.txt file, set the meta tag in the page's HTML head for robots to contain the "nofollow" directive or add a "rel" attribute with the value of "nofollow" to the very link.

The latter is now supported by Aimy Sitemap as well.


<a href="/imprint.html" rel="nofollow">Imprint</a>

Thanks to all users who sent in their feature requests, suggestions and reported issues!

Read more about the changes in Aimy Sitemap v3.7.0.