What's new in version 3.8.0? "Manage URLs" now allows fast and easy quick editing, offers search and filter functionality for your URLs, custom selection of the number of shown index items and the possibility to reset the index of your website generated by Aimy Sitemap's crawler. Besides that, URLs can now be merged by title in the HTML views - this way, each title can be guaranteed to be present only once, even if Joomla! provides multiple URLs for the resource.

Aimy Sitemap v3.8.0: AJAX editing, searching & filtering

Quick Editing

Previously, Aimy Sitemap's "Manage URLs" view required to edit each URL's settings in a different view. As this can be quiete time-consuming on large sites, the new version of Aimy Sitemap allows you to set up your URLs attributes like state, priority and change frequency directly in the "Manage URLs" view without a page-reload (using AJAX).

This workflow is not only faster, but easier to handle as well. Enjoy!

Sidenote: If you do not like the new editing mode for some reason, you can still use the old edit-each-URL-separately mode - both modes coexist peacefully. You can even disable quick editing completely in Aimy Sitemap's options ("Aimy Sitemap" tab).

Searching and Filtering

In "Manage URLs" you can now search by title and URL within your website's index allowing you to select the set of URLs you like to edit at a time.

In addition, you can now optionally filter by state to select just the subset of URLs you activated or deactivated for sitemap inclusion.

Number of Shown URLs

In addition to full pagination support in earlier versions, with the new version of Aimy Sitemap you can select the number of URLs shown per page easily using a drop-down select box.

Options include the common steps of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 and 100 URLs. In addition, you can select all URLs at once, too.

Resetting Your Index

Every time Aimy Sitemap crawls your website, it generates or updates an index of your website that stores all found and allowed URLs. The new version enables you to reset this index.

This way you can set new default values for your whole website and make them take effect after the next crawl.

Prevent Duplicate Titles

It may be that Joomla! generates more than one URL for a resource. Previously, Aimy Sitemap's HTML views for your human visitors listed them all, which lead to the possibility of a set of subsequent equal titles in the view. While strictly correct, this behaviour is inconvenient as it might make your human visitors wonder.

Therefore, the new version of Aimy Sitemap provides a new option for all HTML views ("Prevent Duplicate Titles") that allows you to merge all URLs by their titles with a single click, eliminating any duplicate titles from your HTML sitemap.

What's Coming Up? Aimy Sitemap Companion!

We are currently working on a new Joomla! extension that will make Aimy Sitemap even more convenient and easy to use: "Aimy Sitemap Companion".

This extension, a plugin by the way, keeps track of common events and takes action on these as directed. For example, whenever you write a new article, the Companion could add it to your website's index automatically, without the need to recrawl your whole website. It could even automatically update your sitemap.xml file and notify search engines that there's new content on your site.

The same holds true for updates to your content: whenever you edit an article and save it, Aimy Sitemap Companion recognizes the event and could fulfill those tasks that are required to keep your index up-to-date: update the last-modification time, check whether your article's title changes and such.

Aimy Sitemap's Next Milestone: Language Extraction and Support

Besides the work required to integrate Aimy Sitemap Companion, we are working on adding language support for HTML sitemaps, allowing you to provide multiple sitemaps to your users in different languages, each listing only those resources matching the selected content language.

What comes after these two milestones are reached is still up in the air. We try to make Aimy Sitemap one of the best sitemap extensions for Joomla! - so if you are still missing a feature, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always open to new ideas and like to keep in touch with our users very much - you have quiete a chance your desired feature may make it into one of the next releases!

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