Aimy Sitemap uses an update server, additional translations and archieved performance improvements. A PRO version is available as well now, which adds automatic canonical domain and protocol handling, HTTPS-only crawling, language extraction, language specific HTML sitemaps, title editing support and meta data locking.

Automatic Software Updates

Aimy Sitemap now has its own update server so you can upgrade to future versions directly from Joomla!'s backend. This service is free of charge for both the free and the PRO version.

Additional Translations

We are pleased to announce that Aimy Sitemap now "speaks" a couple of additional languages, contributed by users:

  • Farsi (Iran) contributed by Abdulhalim Pourdaryaei
  • Polish contributed by Abilion publishing house
  • Slovak contributed by Pectus publishing house

Thanks to all contributors!

Automatic Canonical Domain and Protocol Handling (PRO feature)

Aimy Sitemap interacts with Aimy Canonical to use your preferred domain name and protocol for your sitemap as well.

Have a look at "Keep your Canonical URL in sync with your Sitemap" for details.

HTTPS-Only Crawling Support (PRO feature)

Aimy Sitemap used to require a website to be accessible using HTTP as well. This restriction has now been removed and Aimy Sitemap's crawler supports crawling websites that are accessible using HTTPS only as well.

Language Extraction (PRO feature)

While crawling, Aimy Sitemap's crawler gathers various information about the pages of your website. With this version, language information is extracted and processed as well. You may also assign a language to a URL manually.

This information is currently used to allow the following feature:

Language-Specific HTML Sitemaps (PRO feature)

In previous versions, a HTML sitemap always displayed all enabled URLs. Now, it's possible to automatically selecting URLs that fit the frontend language just by enabling the Filter by Language option.

Title Editing and Meta Data Locking (PRO feature)

Upon multiple user requests we implemented the possibility to edit URL titles. While crawling, the title is extracted by Aimy Sitemap's crawler and assigned to the current URL. As Joomla! sometimes does not choose a title that seems appropriate to our users, it's now possible to change the title to a user defined one in the "Edit URL" view.

In order to keep the crawler from updating meta data like title or language on the next crawl, an URL may now be locked. Locked URLs do not have their meta data updated automatically by a crawl. This way, changes done manually will persist subsequent crawls.