Aimy Sitemap comes with a new French translation, several minor improvements and a bugfix for long UTF-8 URLs.

New Translation: French

Aimy Sitemap's user interface has been translated to French. Thanks to Philippe Gros Meyer for contributing this translation!

Improved Periodic Crawl Output Handling

The maximum size of a periodic crawl's output has been updated to handle outputs larger than 64 KiB.

Improved Filesystem Handling

The new version uses JFile for all filesystem operation and thus now supports sites that make use of Joomla!'s FTP layer as well. Thanks to David Jardin for the suggestion!

Custom Log Path Support

Aimy Sitemap now uses custom logging directory paths set in Joomla!'s Global Configuration. Again, thanks to David Jardin for the hint!

META Support for Sitemap HTML Views

Aimy Sitemap's HTML sitemap view has been extended to include description, keywords and robots meta information.

Extended Set of Choosable Crawling Delays

To allow Aimy Sitemap to crawl very slow websites with very limited resources as well, the set of choosable crawling delays has been extended to provide 2, 3, 5 and 10 seconds.

Bugfix: Long UTF-8 URLs

Aimy Sitemap did not handle UTF-8 URLs longer then 255 bytes correctly under some conditions. This bug has been fixed. Thanks to Abdulhalim Pourdaryaei for reporting this issue!