Aimy Sitemap v3.16.0 comes with a Russian translation and improves periodic crawling support in the extension’s PRO version.

Russian Translation

Alex Smirnov of contributed a Russian translation of Aimy Sitemap - thanks alot!

Improved Periodic Crawling (PRO Version)

Aimy Sitemap's periodic crawler now handles larger websites even better and limits the maximum report size to 1.000 lines. Besides that, the crawling process is updated regularly so you can view its progress in the backend while the periodic crawl is running.

Periodic Crawl Output

If execution time limits are active for the PHP interpreter, these are now reported along with the crawling output, as well as the used PHP version and the path to the used PHP CLI binary. If necessary and possible, an active execution time limit is refreshed regularly so periodic crawl work as expected even on most restricted systems as well.