Aimy Sitemap v3.20.0 comes with a Czech translation and features checking Canonical links during a crawl.

Canonical Link Check (PRO Feature)

Sometimes a website may provide very similar or even equal content under different URLs. Canonical links are used to assign a unique URL to those resources in order to prevent duplicate content issues and SEO penalties.

Example: a shop may list a product in different categories with the same description and images. The same product then has many URLs. A canonical link helps to define a unique URL for all pages of that product in the various categories.

Aimy Sitemap now allows to check canonical links during a crawl and automatically exclude any page from a website’s index if its URL does not match its set canonical link. The complete URL with path and parameters is checked.

You can further choose whether Aimy Sitemap’s crawler should require each page to have a canonical link set and exclude pages without a canonical link as well.

Canonical links are checked during a crawl
Canonical links are checked during a crawl

With this new feature you can assure your website’s sitemap does only contain those pages of your website which have a matching canonical link tag set and save time as the other pages are excluded from the index automatically.

Hint: For best results, we recommend using Aimy Canonical on your website as well.

Czech Translation

Aimy Sitemap has been translated to Czech - thanks to Aqui for contributing the translation!