The new version of Aimy Speed Optimization allows to exclude pages from optimization. Additionally the "Minify HTML" feature has been improved.

Skip optimization on some pages

In the plugin configuration you may now exclude pages from optimization. This may be necessary if an extension is not compatible with Aimy Speed Optimization. This way, you can benefit from the page speed increase of your website's pages nevertheless: As the name "Page Speed" suggests - every single page is evaluated. So if for example you have an image gallery that does not work with our plugin, deactivate Aimy Speed Optimization on that single page only. All other pages are still optimized.

Exclude is possible via exclude patterns, for example *gallery*.

Minify HTML

We optimized the "Minify HTML" feature to handle whitespace more robust. Some issues in which necessary whitespace has been removed could be resolved at the price of a slightly less complete minification.