Aimy Extensions

Aimy Speed Optimization v17.1 features improved Joomla! 4 support.

Aimy Speed Optimization v17.0 allows to manually assign the execution ordering of the plugin.

Aimy Speed Optimization v15.0 adds support for WebP images, picture elements and srcset attributes.

Aimy Speed Optimization v14.0 introduces JavaScript and CSS preloading. Resources queued to eliminate render blocking can be automatically preloaded.

Aimy Speed Optimization v13.0 includes a Czech translation, an updated version of [be]Lazy.js and handles cached images.

Aimy Speed Optimization v12.0 features a new translation to Dari (Afghanistan) and improved compatibility with recent PHP versions.

The new version of Aimy Speed Optimization allows to exclude pages from optimization. Additionally the "Minify HTML" feature has been improved.

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Aimy Speed Optimization v3.5.0 allows to optimize the loading of images using the well-known techniques of deferred loading and lazy loading.

We installed Aimy Speed Optimization on a few of our customer sites to see which results are possible with this Joomla! plugin. We present these results measured with Google™ PageSpeed Insights in the following article.