Aimy Speed Optimization v13.0 includes a Czech translation, an updated version of [be]Lazy.js and handles cached images.

Czech Translation

A Czech translation has been contributed by Aqui - thanks!

Handling of Cached Images

Aimy Speed Optimization now handles cached images (those stored beneath the /cache/ directory within a Joomla! website’s root directory) like the ones stored in the /images/ directory.

As a result, cached images can now be lazy-loaded and loaded deferred.

Updated [be]Lazy.js

The [be]Lazy JavaScript library (blazy.js) used by Aimy Speed Optimization to lazy-load images has been updated to the current version (v1.8.2).

Workaround for Unsupported Module

A workaround has been added to handle the unsupported module “Horizontal scrolling slideshow joomla module” by Gopiplus: the JavaScript code of the module will be ignored when the “Eliminate Render Blocking” option of Aimy Speed Optimization is enabled.

Browser-Caching: Extended Set of MIME-Types

The MIME-Type “font/woff2” has been added to the set of resources that should be cached by a browser if the “Enable Browser-Caching” option is enabled.

Check for Mbstring PHP Extension

A check has been added to assure the “mbstring” PHP extension is available. The “HTML5-PHP” library used by Aimy Speed Optimization requries the library to be available (as well as the “Dom” extension). The user manual has been updated accordingly.