Aimy Speed Optimization v18.0 allows to use native lazy loading for images and supports image embedding.

Aimy Speed Optimization allows to use native lazy loading and supports image embedding

New Feature: Native Lazy Loading of Images

Aimy Speed Optimization can now automatically make use of native lazy loading features of modern browsers using the loading attribute. This way no additional JavaScript code has to be used - this helps to speed up your website a bit more.

About 75% of browsers spotted in the wild support native lazy loading already (as of November 2021).

New Feature: Embedding of Small Images

Aimy Speed Optimization now allows to embed small images directly in the HTML code of a page. That helps to reduce the amount of HTTP requests needed to retrieve all required resources of a page, thus speeding up page load.

You can select the maximum file size of images that should be embedded from between 1 and 30 KiB.