Aimy Video Embedder v12.0 supports lazy loading of embedded videos (PRO) and improves Joomla! 4 support.

Lazy Loading (PRO Feature)

Aimy Video Embedder now allows to lazy load videos easily. You can either enable lazy loading for all videos in the plugin’s options by setting “Lazy Loading” to “On”…

Lazy loading can be configured in the plugin's options easily

…or for individual videos:

{YouTube lazy-loading=1}BzwmoZs40Ks{/YouTube}

Lazy loading is implemented using the lightweight [be]Lazy.js JavaScript library developed by Bjørn Klinggaard (released under the terms of the MIT license).

Joomla! 4 Support

We improved Joomla! 4 support and tested Aimy Video Embedder on Joomla! 4 Beta 3.