Aimy Extensions

Aimy Video Embedder v16.0 handles video ids in a more robust way and supports YouTube video playlists (PRO Feature).

Aimy Video Embedder v15.0 allows video URLs to be used, supports placeholder background images (PRO Feature) and improves placeholder text handling (PRO Feature).

Aimy Video Embedder v14.0 supports Vimeo's do not track parameter.

Aimy Video Embedder v13.0 allows to center embedded videos (PRO).

Aimy Video Embedder v12.0 supports lazy loading of embedded videos (PRO) and improves Joomla! 4 support.

Aimy Video Embedder v11.0 features a new translation to Dari (Afghanistan).

Aimy Video Embedder now allows additional options for more privacy (PRO feature), introduces Joomla! 4 support and uses our new versioning scheme. Additionally a French translation has been added!

Aimy Video Embedder PRO now allows responsive embedding of videos!

Aimy Video Embedder brings you automatic updates and the option to upgrade to a PRO version, which allows per-video configuration.

You can use Aimy Video Embedder (or any other Joomla! content plugin) in a Custom HTML module.

New versions of Aimy Video Embedder plugin is out!

The new release merely contains a workaround for an error experienced since the beginning of march that makes embedding videos from YouTube fail in browsers that have a flash-player loaded when is used as a source.