Aimy Extensions

Aimy Geo Tax for J2Store is a plugin that improves usability and tax compliance of your J2Store shop. It automatically detects the customer's country based on his IP address and selects the tax rate accordingly.

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  • Automatically select visitor's country & tax rate by IP address
  • Use default country as a fallback if country is not detected (optional)
  • Show country flags (241 country flags included) (optional)
  • Show country name (optional)
  • Easy to customize and style using CSS
  • Updates on new releases (per domain(s) for one year - 15 months on renewal)
  • Support of Aimy Geo Tax for J2Store's further development
(Incl. 19% tax)
* Unlimited installs - updates for number of domains:

Aimy Geo Tax

How does it work?

With this plugin you can show tax values and rates according to the country your visitor comes from. This may be necessary to be compliant with tax laws - for example EU VAT.

With the help of MaxMind's GeoIP (via the PHP GeoIP extension or Akeeba GeoIP Provider plugin), the country is detected based on the visitor's IP address. If the IP address cannot be detected or belongs to a country that you did not add in your shop configuration, a default can be used as a fallback.

Your customers may change the country during the checkout process if necessary.

Tax rates, tax rules, supported countries and similar options are all set as usual in your J2Store configuration.


  • Automatically Selected Tax Rate
  • J2Store Configuration