Aimy Extensions

Aimy IndexNow v4.2 comes with optimized media path handling (PRO feature) and an improved installer that contains an additional check on Joomla! 5.

Aimy IndexNow v4.1 adds support for Joomla! 5.

Please make sure to update the plugin before updating your website to Joomla! 5.

Joomla!'s backward compatibility plugin must be kept enabled on Joomla! 5.

Aimy IndexNow v4.0 allows to automatically disable submissions on local websites and supports frontend editing (PRO). Besides that it introduces a workaround to show notifications for media files on Joomla! 4.

Aimy IndexNow v3.0 comes with two minor fixes and a new translation to Farsi (Iran).

Aimy IndexNow v2.0 introduces exclude patterns for URLs and allows to pass detected content change information to Aimy Sitemap (PRO feature).