Aimy IndexNow v2.0 introduces exclude patterns for URLs and allows to pass detected content change information to Aimy Sitemap (PRO feature).

Exclude Patterns for URLs

If you don’t like notifications for certain URLs to be sent to you can now use exclude patterns to achieve this.

For example, you could exclude PDF files by specifying the simple exclude pattern of “*.pdf”.

Pass Information to Aimy Sitemap (PRO Feature)

Aimy IndexNow PRO now allows to pass information on content changes to Aimy Sitemap’s index.

This way, you don’t need to crawl your website after content changes anymore.

In order to use this feature, you need Aimy Sitemap installed and support for Aimy Sitemap enabled in Aimy IndexNow’s options. For more details, have a look at “How to use Aimy Sitemap and Aimy IndexNow together”.