Aimy Extensions

Aimy Canonical v27.1 comes with an improved installer that contains an additional check on Joomla! 5.

Aimy Canonical v27.0 adds support for Joomla! 5 and allows to automatically convert the case of a canonical link's path to lowercase or uppercase (PRO feature).

Please make sure to update the plugin before updating to Joomla! 5.

Joomla!'s backward compatibility plugin must be kept enabled on Joomla! 5.

Aimy Canonical v26.0 allows to automatically cleanup the query string of a canonical link (PRO feature). If the new feature is enabled, parameters of the query string are sorted and the “=” character is removed in front of empty values.

Aimy Canonical v25.0 improves Unicode character handling in canonical links, introduces path workarounds for com_content.category and com_tags.tag (PRO feature) and allows to automatically add com_finder search parameters as a query string (PRO feature).

Aimy Canonical v24.0 introduces a workaround for broken paths in com_content article URLs (PRO feature).

For details please have a look at "Strange URLs in your Joomla! website? How to handle endless URLs with a canonical tag".

Aimy Canonical v23.0 allows to automatically remove the "/index.php" part of a canonical link (PRO feature).

Aimy Canonical v22.0 comes with a Romanian translation and allows to redirect on query string mismatches (PRO).

Aimy Canonical v21.4 improves custom path (PRO) & Joomla! 4 support.

Aimy Canonical v21.3 comes with improved menu item path handling, updated Czech & Bulgarian translations and improved custom path support (PRO).

Aimy Canonical v21.2 comes with improved support for custom canonical URLs in Joomla! 4 (PRO Feature).

Aimy Canonical v21.1 will not set a canonical link tag on pages that contain noindex in their meta robots information.

Aimy Canonical v21.0 comes with improved custom canonical URL handling, allowing to override protocol and domain information for single items (PRO feature).

Aimy Canonical v20.0 comes with two more translations: to Czech and Russian.

Aimy Canonical v19.1 disables the assignment of "Custom Canonical Paths" to menu items of the "System Links" category ("Menu Heading", "Menu Item Alias", "Separator" & "URL").

Aimy Canonical v19.0 comes with two new translations — to Thai & Dari (Afghanistan).

Aimy Canonical v18.0 allows to set custom canonical paths (PRO feature).

Aimy Canonical v17.0 allows to redirect on canonical URL mismatches (PRO feature).

Aimy Canonical v16.0 features a Bulgarian translation and improves query string handling within canonical URLs.

Aimy Canonical uses our new versioning scheme and introduces custom handling of trailing slashes (PRO).

Aimy Canonical PRO v3.10.0 allows to use a document's <base> path as a canonical path.

Aimy Canonical v3.9.0 PRO allows to automatically clean up unnecessary canonical link tags from <head>!

Aimy Canonical v3.8.0 has a new translation for Brazilian Portuguese and fixes the SEF URL path in canonical URLs on broken links.

Aimy Canonical v3.7.0 comes with a French translation and a PRO version that supports VirtueMart SEF URLs.

Aimy Canonical has been translated to Polish and Slovak.

Aimy Canonical v3.5.0 now allows you to remove your canonical URL's query string. Besides that, Aimy Canonical has been translated to Spanish and Farsi.

Set your preferred protocol

Aimy Canonical now supports setting your preferred protocol (“http” or “https”) in addition to your preferred domain name as well.

Aimy Canonical v3.3.1 improves support for Joomla! websites that do not use search engine friendly URLs.

All users of Aimy Canonical who have disabled Joomla!'s SEF features are encouraged to update to the new version.