Aimy Extensions
Aimy Charts plugin in a Custom HTML module

You can easily use Aimy Charts (or any other Joomla! content plugin) in a Custom HTML module. That's actually one of the cool, but not so well-known features of Joomla!.

Here's a step by step guide:

  1. Go to Joomla!'s "Module Manager" and create a new "Custom HTML" module
  2. Type in your module's title
  3. Insert your chart's code for Aimy Charts into the editor
  4. Assign your new module to your desired template position
  5. Select which pages your module should be shown on using the "Menu Assignment" tab
  6. Select the "Options" tab and set "Prepare Content" to "Yes"
  7. Save your module

Now you're ready to visit your frontend and enjoy your chart - as well as your website's visitors!