Aimy Extensions

Aimy Charts' new version, brings you automatic updates and the option to upgrade to a PRO version, which allows per-graph configuration and supports with responsive graphs.

Automatic Updates

Aimy Charts now has its own update server so you can upgrade to future versions directly from within Joomla!.

Responsiveness (PRO feature)

A Responsive Pie Chart

Any chart generated by Aimy Charts can now be made responsive and mobile-friendly by default with a single click in the plugin's configuration! Alternatively, responsiveness can be enabled or disabled on a per-graph level (see below).

A responsive graph if rendered using the width and height you assigned, but resized to fit a device's width best whenever it is too small to show the graph without requiring horizontal scrolling.

Per-Graph Configuration (PRO feature)

The plugin's configuration dialog allows you to set default values for width, height, responsiveness and animation. In addition, Aimy Charts now comes with an options parser that allows options to be passed directly at each graph's definition.

These configuration options are given in the opening tag:

{AimyChartsPie responsive,width=400,height=400}
  Apple;  45; #390
  Cherry; 30; #900
  Peach;  25; #F90

For further details, have a look at Aimy Charts' User Manual!